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Burkina Faso

Flag and country information –
The People’s Democratic Republic of BURKINA FASO


Area – 27,834 sq km / 10,744 sq ml

Capital – Bujumbura

Language – French, about 50 native Sudanic languages

Currency – Franc CFA

Population – 13,228,460

Life expectancy – 48 (men), 51 (women)

Literacy rate – 28%

Religions – animist 53%, Sunni Muslim 36%, Roman Catholic 11%

Physical features – landlocked plateau with hills in south east and west, semiarid in north, forest and farmland in south. Linked by rail to Abidja’n in Côte d’Ivoire, the only outlet to the sea

Ethnic distribution – over 50 ethnic groups

Exports – cotton, livestock, hides, sesame, cereals, karite nuts

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