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Flag and country information –
Republic of TURKEY

Situated – the majority of Turkey lies in Asia (Middle East), however, west of the Bosporus Straights, an area which includes Istanbul, is in Europe

Area – 779,500 sq km / 300,965 sq ml

Capital – Ankara

Language – Turkish

Currency – Turkish Lira

Population – 68,109,469

Life expectancy – 65 (men), 68 (women)

Literacy rate – 90%

Religions – Sunni Muslim, Orthodox

Physical features – central plateau surrounded by mountains, highest peak Great Ararat 5,137 m / 16,854 ft, sources of rivers Euphrates and Tigris in east

Imports – machinery, construction materials, consumer goods, iron and steel, chemical products

Exports – textile and clothing, agricultural products and foostuffs, leather, glass, petroleum products

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